Curriculum Vitæ

About me:

  • I was born in 1954
  • Married to Else-Marie since 1975
  • Three daughters, two son-in-laws and three grandchildren. And now a dog, the Bijon variant Izzi.


1980                      Master of Divinity (BDiv + Practicum), Lund University

1996                      Master of Arts in Religion, Uppsala University

2001                      Dr of Theology, New Testament Exegesis, Uppsala University


1994–                    Teacher of New Testament Exegesis, Livets Ord University, Uppsala

1996–                    Teacher New Testament Exegesis, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, USA through affiliation agreement with Livets Ord University

1997-2005            Teacher in New Testament Exegesis, Uppsala University

1998-2001            Position as doctoral student, Dept of Theology, Uppsala University

2001–2007          Research fellow Swedish Research Council for the project “The Jews and Salvation.

Theological caricatures of Jews and Judaism in New Testament Research Tradition”.

2002–                    Dean of Theology, Livets Ord University

2009–                    Docent (Associate Professor), Dept of Theology, Uppsala University.

2012–                     President for Livets Ord Theological Seminary.


2001–2007          Swedish Research Council, 4 years 50%

2008                      Swedish Research Council for language editing

3 scholarships from Harald och Louise Ekmans Forskningsstiftelse at Sigtunastiftelsen

Gunvor och Josef Anér Foundation for research in Germany

Two Western Europe Scholarships from The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities

for research in Germany and England


Member and former secretary of Swedish Exegetical Society

Working member of the Nathan Söderblom Society

Member of the Academy for Exegesis in Sweden

Member of the Franz Delitzsch Gesellschaft, Münster

Member of European Association for Jewish Studies

Member of Studiorum Novi Testamentum Societas (SNTS).

On-going research

Monography: ”John and the Riddle of the Jews. An historical, literary and hermeneutical analysis”.

Monography: The Jew as the Perpetual Other (in preparation)

Article: dia Silouanou. New light on 1 Pet 5:12.

Pedagogical CV


Dept of Theology, Uppsala University, 1997–2005 at C- and D-level, New Testament Exegesis and at the Primary School Teachers Programme

Oral Roberts University at the affiliation Livets Ord University, 1996–2008, predominantly New Testament exegesis and hermeneutics

Livets Ord University, 1994–1995

Development of curriculum and other pedagogical assignments:

Curriculum for Primary School Teachers Programme GRP 1, Dept of Theology, Uppsala University

Mentor for new university teachers at Uppsala University, 2002–2005

Member of steering committee for the college of mentors at Uppsala University, 2002–2005

Development of Internet portal for e-learning at Livets Ord University, 2002–

Development of curriculum for BA New Testament Major at ORU, Livets Ord University campus

Development of curriculum for Master of Divinity program at Livets Ord University in close cooperation with ORU, 2002–

Development of distance learning programs in Vienna and Moscow, 2008–

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